Gold Coins vs Sweepstake Coins

Gold coins falling from above against a dark background

What’s the Difference?

Confused about the difference between Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins? Our expert guide will explain everything you need to know about each coin type.

Differences Between Gold and Sweepstakes Coins

Let’s begin with an overview of the differences between Gold Coins and Sweepstakes Coins. Both types of coins can be used for playing games at social casinos, but there are a lot of differences between the coin types. The main differences are the way players can obtain these coins, and also the uses of those coins and whether they can be redeemed.

The table below will provide a brief explanation of those differences, and afterward, we will answer some of the main questions about these coins in a little more detail.

FeatureGold CoinsSweepstakes Coins
How to Obtain
Purchase with real money, promotions, daily bonuses.
Free promotions, giveaways, mail-in requests. Cannot be purchased.
LegalityOperates within gaming regulations.Free promotions, giveaways, and mail-in requests. Cannot be purchased.
Monetary ValueNo monetary value, used for in-game purposes only.No monetary value but can be exchanged
for rewards or cash prizes.
PurposeEnhance gaming experience,
for entertainment purposes.
Offers a chance to win real money prizes.
RedemptionCannot be redeemed, used for gameplay only.Can be redeemed for cash prizes.
HelloMillions casino, with mega coins on sign up

How Do I Get Gold Coins?

Gold coins in social gaming casinos can be obtained in a lot of different ways including purchasing them with real money, receiving them as daily bonuses, earning them through competitions or via special offers. Social casinos such as McLuck often run competitions on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram where gold coins are given away. The easiest way to earn gold coins is by simply logging in to your social gaming casino account every day, and of course, it is always possible to purchase gold coin packages.

  • Purchases
  • Welcome Bonus
  • Promotions
  • Daily Offer
  • Competitions

How Can I Get Sweepstakes Coins?

Sweepstakes coins are not possible to purchase directly, although they may form part of a gold coin purchase package, and it is never necessary to purchase sweepstakes coins. Normally Sweeps coins are obtained through free promotions, giveaways, mail-in requests where applicable and legal, or through social media competitions. Players can also get these coins via random draws or via specific promotions such as a refer a friend offer.

  • Social Media Competitions
  • Part of the Welcome Offer
  • Part of Promotions
  • Random Draws
  • Daily Rewards
  • Mail-In Request
  • Refer a Friend Offers

What Can I Use Gold Coins For?

Gold coins have no monetary value and are only used as tokens within a social gaming casino.

These gold coins are used for entertainment purposes and for enhancing the gaming experience and can never be exchanged for prizes with a cash value. Players can buy these coins for use in the casino as a way to enjoy playing casino games online.

Do Sweepstakes Coins Have a Value?

Unlike gold coins, sweepstakes coins do have an intrinsic value because they can be redeemed for prizes. Often these can be cash prizes or gift cards with a value equivalent to a cash amount. Sweepstakes coins can also be used to play games on social gaming casinos, giving players the chance to increase their sweepstakes balance.

This means that sweepstakes coins can be used to play games while also offering the possibility to be redeemed for prizes.

Social Casino Gaming

In summary, both gold coins and sweepstakes coins can be used to play your favorite slot and casino table games online, but only sweeps can be redeemed for cash prizes.

The most important thing to remember is that social casino gaming is always about entertainment and having a good time.

Social casinos like McLuck, HelloMillions and many more offer a legal alternative to real money casino gaming and are an enjoyable way to experience the excitement of playing online casino games.

Which Coins are Best?

Wrapping up our coin conundrum, let’s break it down to the basics. Gold Coins are your gaming go-to; you snag ’em with real dough, rake ’em in with daily logins, or scoop ’em up through promotions. They’re all about jazzing up your gaming journey at social casinos—no cash-out option, but heaps of fun.

Sweepstakes Coins? They’re the elusive ones you can’t buy but you can bag through giveaways, contests, or even by sending a postcard (if you’re feeling old-school). While they won’t beef up your bank balance by themselves, you can redeem them for real-world rewards if luck’s on your side.

Remember, whether you’re stacking up Gold Coins or chasing Sweepstakes Coins, it’s all about the thrill of the play.

Social casinos like McLuck, HelloMillions, and even Scratchful are your playgrounds for safe, legal, and most importantly, entertaining spins and wins. So, game on, and may the odds stack up in your favor!

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